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All About Lombok Island

Getting There & Around

Overland travel is arduous in mountainous Nusa Tenggara, particularly in Flores. Lombok, Sumbawa and Timor have fairly decent surfaced main roads and relatively comfortable bus services.

Get off the highways and things slow down considerably, however. Ferry services are frequent and consistent in the dry season, but in the wet season, when the seas get rough, your ship may be cancelled for days, weeks even.

Fortunately, several airlines now cover the main inter-island routes, as few travellers who have endured the punishing long haul across Nusa Tenggara by surface transport are up for a repeat.

Don't be scared off, however, as an influx of fast boats and air cnnections have made Nusa Tenggara more accessible than ever. In addition to increased international flight to Lombok's new Airport, Including regular flights to and from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Australia, domestic links to Maumere, Bajawa, Ende and Labuanbajo in Flores, and Tambolaka in Sumba, have multiplied to augment the typical sound links throughout Indonesia to/from Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara's main hub.


Long overshadowed by its superstar neighbour, there's a steady hum about Lombok that's beginning to turn into a distinct buzz.Blessed with exquisite white-sand beaches, the gorgeous Gili island, epic surf, a lush forested interior, and hiking trails through tobacco, rice fields and jungle, Lombok is fully loaded with tropical allure.

You'll probably notice mighty Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia's second-highest volcano, its summit complete with hot springs and a dazzling crater lake.  For years this island has been touted as Indonesia's next hot destination.

Finally the reality seems to have caought up with the hype and with a new international airport and renewed interest from around the globe, Lombok's time is now.

Getting There & Away


Lombok's new airport, near praya, opened in 2011, rendering Mataram even more meaningless to most international travellers. However, major airlines retain ticket offices in Mataram and there are two excellent travel agencies there too, making it a wise place to arrange domestic travel.

Airasia (www.airasia.com) Three flights weekly to Kuala Lumpur.

Citramulia Travel (phone : 0370-633469; www.citramuliatravel.com), Address Jl. Pejanggik 198, Mataram open 8am - 8 pm Monday to Saturday, to 7 pm Sunday. Conscientious English-speaking staff handle domestic and international flights and offer visa services.

Garuda (phone : 08041807807; www.garuda-indonesia.com), Address Jl Pejanggik 42, Mataram. Three daily flights to Jakarta, one daily flight to Bali.

Jatatur (phone : 0370-632888; www.jatatursurabaya.com), Address: Mataram Mall Jl. Panca Usaha 11. Dependable, long running travel chain that offers fair pricing on airline tickets and english speaking service.

Silk AIr (phone : 0370-628254; www.silkair.com), Address Hotel Lombok Raya, Jl. Panca Usaha 11, Mataram. Serves Singapore direct five times weekly.

WIngs Air (phone : 0370-629333; www.lionair.co.id), Address Hotel Sahid, Jl. Sriwijaya, Mataram. Daily flight to Denpasar, Jakarta and Surabaya.


Public feriies connect Lombok's west coast with Bali and its east coast with Sumbawa. Numerous fast boat companies link Lombok and the Gili Islands with all of Bali's major ports.


Mandalika Terminal in Mataram is the departure point for major cities in SUmbawa, Bali and Java, via inter-island feriies. For long-distance services, book tickets a day or two ahead at the terminal, or from a travel agency along Jl. Pejanggik or Jl. Selaparang in Mataram.

If tou get to the terminal before 8am, there may indeed be a spare seat on a bus going in your direction, but don't count on it, especially during holidays.


The Bali based company Perama (www.peramatour.com) has tourist shuttle bus/boat service between the main tourist centres in Lombok (Senggigi, GIli Island and Kuta) and most tourist centres in Balu (Ubud, Sanur and the Kuta region). Tickets can be booked directly or at any travel agency in Lombok or Bali.

Getting Around

There is a good road across the middle of the island, between Mataram and Labuhan Lombok. Through narrw, the Mataram-Praya-Kuta and Mataram-Senggigi-Anyar routes are also decent sealed roads.

Public transport is generally restrcted to the main routes; away from these, you need to hire a car r motorbike, or charter a bemo, cidomo (horse-drawn cart) or ojek (motorcycle taxi). During the wet season, remote roads are often flooded or washed away, particularly around the foothills of Gunung RInjani.


Mandalika Terminal, is in Bertais, 6 km southeast of central Mataram; other regional terminals are in Praya, Anyar and Pancor (near selong). You May have to go via one or more of these terminals to get from one part of Lombok to another.

Fixed fares should be displayed. Public transport becomes scarce in the late afternoon and normally ceases after dark. Chartering a bemo can be convenient and reasonably cheap - about IDR400.000 per bemo per day (including petrol), depending on distance and road conditions, although some bemos are restricted to specific routes or regions.


Mataram and Senggigi are the best place to organise car or motorcycle rental. Arrengements can be made in Mataram or other places, but rates are much higher. Hotel and travel agencies offer the most competitive rates.

SUVs are best for Lombok's roads. Toyota Avanza or Xenia cost from IDR350.000 per day, and Toyota Kijang Innova cost about IDR450.000 excluding Petrol. Discounts are offered for longer periods.

Hiring a car with a driver is a very sensible and popular option as you won't be liable for any damage - expect to pay between IDR500.000 and IDR 600.000 per day, depending in the season.

Lombok Car Transport (phone : +6285338657072; www.lombokcartransport.com), Address Jl. Surabaya, Mataram open 8am - 8 pm Monday to Saturday, to 7 pm Sunday. Conscientious English-speaking staff handle.

Motorbike s can be rented for around IDR 75.000 per day. Motorcycle run for IDR75.000 per day in Mataram and Senggigi.

Lombok Motorbike Rental (phone : +6287765448040; www.lombokmotorbike.com), Address Jl. Beo Cakranegara, Mataram open 8am - 9 pm Monday to Saturday, to 7 pm Sunday.You can pick up and drop off at Mataram, Senggigi or Airport Lombok.

Indonesian law dictates that you should carry an International Driving License if you plan on operating a motor vehicle. Your rental agency won't request it, but police may ask for one at check points, and will issued a fine (to be paid immediately) if you don't have one.

Check your insurance arrengements carefully. Some agencies do not offer any coverage at all, and others offer only basic coverage. Even insured Balinese vehicles are often not covered in Lombok. It is best to proceed to Lombok and arrenge a rental in Senggigi.

Source : Book Lonely Planet.

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Scenic route in Lombok by car or motorbike

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Informasi 7 Sewa Motor di Mataram Lombok

Sewa Motor Mataram dan Rental Motor Mataram Murah
Sewa Motor di Mataram & Rental Motor Mataram Murah

Salah satu cara untuk menghemat biaya berlibur Anda adalah mencari informasi tentang sewa motor di kota Mataram Lombok atau rental motor murah di kota Mataram.

Jangan sampai Anda salah dalam memilih penyedia jasa sewa motor, karena banyak kejadian yang dialami oleh para pejalan/ traveler/ backpacker  perihal keluhan terhadap motor yang dia sewa di Mataram. Seperti mengeluhkan kondisi motor yang kurang terawat, ban yang mulai menipis, helm kurang nyaman dan alasan-alasan lainnya.

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Tempat Sewa Motor di Malang

Berikut beberapa rekomendasi tempat sewa motor di Malang untuk kamu yang berencana untuk berlibur atau berwisata di kota Malang:

1. Sunday Motorent
   Lokasinya berada di Jl. Bukit Tanggul Blok S1 no.48 Malang
   Nomor telepon 085288774000
   Website rental motor di Malang

2. Omah Motorent
   Lokasinya di Jl. Trunojoyo No.80 Klojen, Malang
   Telepon 082233287000
   Website rental motor di Malang
   Lokasinya di Jl. Trunojoyo No.80, Klojen, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65111
Telepon 0822-3328-7000
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Scooter or Bike Rental at Lombok Airport (Mataram, Senggigi, Lombok Airport)

(English Version) Public transportation in Lombok island is not as easy as other big cities in Indonesia. It can't be said little bit difficult, Angkot (mini bus) is not as frequent as you might think. In Lombok there are 2 alternative choices, either Cidomo (Buggy horse) and angkot (yellow-painted minibus).

Angkot services route Terminal Mandalika to Ampenan (vice versa), and not servicing all part of Mataram city. Though limited public transportation available in Lombok, there is another alternative traveler can choose to explore Lombok, by renting a motorbike. Lombok is a small island (a little bit smaller than Bali) and can be explore by motorbike. It would be a lot of fun exploring Lombok by motorbike.

Motorbike can be rented starts from 70,000 rupiah - 135,000 rupiah per day (usually 24 hours), depends on motorbike type and how long we would like to rent and how we negotiate with the owner. Information regarding rent rate was obtained during high season in Juli. I believe that can be little bit cheaper in low season. 

Below are several motorbike rent operators in Mataram, Senggigi, and Lombok Airport:

Profesional Website - Lombok Motor Bike Rental

1.    LOMBOK MOTOR BIKE  (Sewa Motor di Lombok - Recommended)

This motor bike rental located near Mataram city center, otherwise they not only offer delivery around Mataram city, but also to Senggigi area and Lombok Airport (with small fee charges). Sometimes they offer discount on some low season month (like Ramadhan season, and rainy season)

Official Website : http://www.lombokmotorbike.com

Pictures can be seen at their Instagram at www.instagram.com/lombokmotorbike/

Nomor teleponnya : 087765448040 (SMS/WA/CALL)

PIN BB : -

Syarat dan ketentuan sewa motor di Lombok Motor Bike Rental:
a.   Biaya sewa perhari untuk motor Beat 110 dan Vario 110 (matic) Rp 75.000, motor Vario Techno 125 (matic) Rp 80.000 dan untuk motor manual  Rp -. Apabila kita menyewa motornya lebih dari enam hari, maka harganya bisa nego (turun). Jadi tergantung bagaimana kita menego dengan pihak penyewanya; biasanya ada PROMO BULAN RAMADHAN Rate sewa perhari mulai Rp65.000(info lebih lanjut silakan cek websitenua disini: www.lombokmotorbike.com);

b.   Harga tersebut tidak termasuk biaya bensin, yang artinya biaya bensin ditanggung sendiri;

c.    Fasilitas yang didapat adalah 2 buah helm, 1 jaket hujan, 1 gembok pengaman, Peta Lombok (Map) dan Buku Petunjuk Lombok (Book Guide);

d.   Motor diantarkan oleh penyewa ke tempat penginapan, selama kita menginap di sekitar daerah kota Mataram dan dikenakan biaya antar jemput Rp 15.000, untuk daerah Senggigi Rp 35.000 dan untuk Bandara Lombok Rp 75.000. Tarif tersebut untuk biaya antar dan jemput, jadi tidak dikali dua;

e.    Syaratnya : meninggalkan KTP atau SIM.

Mengapa Recommended ????  
Berdasarkan pengalaman kami dan teman-teman yang sudah menggunakan:
1.    Motor-nya masih tergolong baru, tarikan mesinnya bagus, ban masih tebal & helm tidak bau. Dan sepengetahuan kami tidak ada komplain untuk unit atau motornya;

2.    Melayani antar jemput di Bandara Lombok, Mataram ataupun Senggigi. Bahkan kita bisa ambil motornya di Senggigi atau Mataram kemudian dikembalikan di Bandara Lombok atau sebaliknya;

3.    Admin atau call centrenya ramah dan fast response; 

4.    Selain itu harga tidak mahal, apabila dibandingkan dengan kualitas motor dan kualitas pelayannannya yang fast respons.

Instragram Sewa Motor Bandara Lombok - Lombok Bike Rental

2.   Sewa Motor di Bandara Lombok Praya (LOMBOK BIKE RENTAL)

Sepengetahuan kami rental motor ini baru beroperasi di akhir tahun 2017. 

Lokasi rental motor nya yang tidak begitu jauh dari Bandara Internasional Lombok Praya yaitu sekitar 6 km dan menjadi rental motor terdekat dari Bandara Praya Lombok untuk saat ini.

Jangan khawatir, rental motor ini melayani antar dan jemput kendaraan/sepeda motor di Bandara Lombok Praya. 

Untuk tarif sewa kendaraannya dari harga Rp 80.000 s.d. Rp 95.000 perharinya.

Untuk admin/ call centrenya adalah sebagai berikut:
Website : -

Atau lihat galeri fotonya di Instagram : Instagram Sewa Motor di Bandara Lombok

Nomor teleponnya : 085338840776 (SMS/WA/CALL)

3.   Oka Home Stay
Lokasinya berada di kota Mataram dan lebih tepatnya di jalan Repatmaja, Cakranegara. Letaknya cukup strategis yaitu berada di tengah kota dan aksesnya sangat mudah.

Syaratnya : meninggalkan KTP atau SIM.

4.    Surya Rent Car 
Lokasinya berada di Sengigi dan lebih tepatnya di jalan Raya Senggigi Km. 9, Sengigi.

Letaknya berada di sekitaran daerah Sengigi dan tidak begitu jauh dari lokasi-lokasi penginapan yang ada di Sengigi.

Biaya sewa perhari : Rp 75.000 untuk semua jenis motor, manual ataupun matic. Motor bisa diantarkan oleh penyewa ke tempat penginapan, selama kita menginap di sekitar daerah Senggigi.

Demikianlah informasi mengenai penyewaan motor yang ada di Lombok dan akan segera saya update apabila ada tempat-tempat penyewaan lain.

Apabila Anda berencana menjelajah Pulau Lombok, maka saya menyarankan menjelajahnya menggunakan sepeda motor. Karena tidak semua wilayah dapat diakses menggunakan transportasi umum. 

Dengan menggunakan motor, maka kita bisa sesuka hati berhenti dan menikmati keindahan alam Pulau Lombok. Jangan takut tersesat, karena papan penunjuk jalan sudah sangat lengkap di Pulau Lombok. 

"So.. mari kita menjelajah Pulau Lombok dan menikmati keindahan alamnnya."


1.    LOMBOK MOTOR BIKE (Lombok Motorbike Rent - Recommended)

Located in Mataram

Galleries can be seen at their instagram page www.instagram.com/lombokmotorbike  and reviewed at Trip Advisor  

Phone number:  087765448040 (Text Message/WhatsApp/Call) (Available for service in English)
PIN BlackBerry : D0FD62E0

a.   Daily rate for Honda Beat 110cc or Vario 110cc (automatic/AT) motorbike Rp 75.000, Honda Vario Techno 125cc motorbike (automatic/AT) Rp 80.000 and Manual/MT motorbike can be rented a lot cheaper than automatics for  Rp - per day. There's a little bit discount for 6-days rent (ask the owner directly). Again, it depends on how we negotiate with the owner;

b.   Gasoline is not included in that daily rate. Consider Rp 6.500 for 1 liter gasoline;

c.    Include 2 helmets, 1 rainy jacket, 1 Lombok map & 1 Lombok travel guide;

d.   Motorbike will be delivered to the hotel, where we stay in Mataram. There is a little bit charge Rp 15,000 for delivery service (only less than a dollar), charge Rp 35,000 for delivery service to Senggigi and
charge Rp 75,000 for delivery service to Lombok International Airport;

e.    Requirement: A passport or other official document.

Why Recommended ???? Their motorbike pretty much new and comfortable for us to do Lombok touring. This one consider to offer the lowest rate around Mataram, and can be negotiated for longer period of rent. 
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